Frookie Sitting

Frookie Sitting


  • True: "Grizelda? What are you doing here?"
  • Grizelda: "The Rainbow King told me you were castle sitting, True. I would help, but... I'm going to the Neverending Chit-Chat or whatever too. It's all part of being a princess."

  • True: "Whoa."
  • True + Bartleby: "Double Frookies?"
  • Bartleby: "Triple Frookies?... 1, 2, 3, 4 Frookies?"

  • Zee: "Back up you go! Or is it 'go you up back'?"

(True and Bartleby watch Frookie multiply after his contact with the Flowerus Magnificus.)

  • True: "Where are the Frookies?"
  • Bartleby: "I left them in the kitchen with some Fishy Poof Crackers, then came out here for a snack. Pretty smart, huh?"

  • Bartleby: "Ah, the things I do the help True. I am some kind of something. Okay, here it goes. Woof!"
  • Grizelda: "Frookie!"
  • Bartleby: "Nailed it!"

  • Grizelda: "Oh, I'm going to cover my Frookie-wookie with widdle kisses! Mwah! Mwah!" (gasps) "Bartleby?!"
  • Bartleby: "Hey! Hi, uh, nice beard, Grizelda."
  • Grizelda: "I kissed a cat! Puh, puh, pah!"

  • True: "Oh, no, not the greenhouse again!
  • Grizelda: "What do you mean 'again'?"

  • True: "C'mon, Bartleby!"
  • Bartleby: "This'll be fine. Cats always land on their feet. Oh!"
  • True: "Are you okay?"
  • Bartleby: "I made it. I think, I mean... I mean that's the important thing."
  • True: "Oh, Bartleby!"

  • Rainbow King: "Oh my. Oh my. OH MY!"
  • True + Bartleby + Grizelda: "Huh?"
  • Rainbow King: "Flabbergasting fuschia. Oh, what luck!
  • True + Bartleby + Grizelda: "Luck?"
  • Rainbow King: "Accident or not, its pedals fell off early! That means it's going to bloom sooner than I thought! It's happening now!"

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