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Grizelda's castle

1-Super Duper Dance Party-Grizelda's castle

Home of Grizelda, Frookie, and the Grizmos

Grizelda's castle is the home to Grizelda and Frookie. It is a large castle made out of pink crystals and is located atop a mountain in the Rainbow Kingdom. It is also the indirect home of the Grizmos, as their home is directly below the castle, supported by a pillar of crystal used to construct the castle.


  • Grizelda
  • Frookie
  • Grizmos (underground)

Notable features

  • A large set of doors, specially painted in "Great Grizmos!"
  • A "grand hall" for dance practice


In "Super Duper Dance Party", the "grand hall" of the castle was shown while Grizelda practiced dancing to DJ Bingo-Bango's music.

In "Great Grizmos!", Grizelda used so much of the Grizmos' pillar's crystals for renovations that the castle began to sink. With True and her Wish help, the sinking was stopped and everyone was safe.

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