Little Helpers (song)

Little Helpers Song

Little Helpers Song

From Season 1, episode 7 "Little Helpers"

The Little Helpers song is a song performed by Bartleby in Season 1, episode 7 "Little Helpers."


  • Bartleby:
    • Little Helpers, do your thing
    • Little Helpers, make me sing
    • Cleaning, tidying is how you play
    • Could I love it more? No way!
    • Little Helpers, keep it going
    • Little Helpers, you are showing
    • Helping skills that can't be beat
    • Watching you work is such a treat (missed a spot)
    • Little Helpers, cute as can be
    • Little Helpers, full of glee
    • Right before my very eyes
    • Making things so organized
    • Little Helpers, you've been great
    • Little Helpers, maybe take a break
    • Time to lower the activity
    • Chill out, relax, like Bartleby!
    • Little Helpers, you're not through?
    • Little Helpers, need more to do?
    • I suppose there's other jobs I could mention
    • The dusty ceiling needs attention
    • Little Helpers, you're over-busy!
    • Little Helpers, I'm in a tizzy!
    • I'm running out of jobs to give you
    • And I don't know what to do!
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