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Wishing Heart Hollow

Wishing Heart Hollow


  • Bartleby: "We have so many goodies! Boogie Woogies, Chewy-Chew Chippies, Peppy Peppers, Munga-Wunga Pie, Nummle Berries, Tangy Tum-Tum Tarts, Zazoony Juice, and..."
  • True: "Yep! I even packed your favorite: Fishy Poof Crackers!"

  • Bartleby: "What? A Yeti?"
  • True: "I think he wants your crackers."
  • Bartleby: "Well, he can think again. I'm guarding this picnic basket all my nine lives! Hup, two, three, four, hup, two, three, four!"

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