Zappy Cling

Zappy Cling


  • True: "Oh, my poor little buddy. It's okay, stay calm."
  • Bartleby: "You got it. Staying calm. No problem. Cool as a cucumber." (more items stick to Bartleby) "Less cool. Warming up!"

  • True: "We'll fix this. Just follow me, walk nice and steady.
  • Bartleby: "I can't do steady! All I can do is roly-poly with too much roly. And now spinny!"

  • Bartleby: "Big no-ly on the rolly."

  • Grizelda: "My nibbles! My sips! My Frookie-kins!"

  • Rainbow King: "Including True and Bartleby in the show, genius!"
  • Grizelda: "I know."

  • True: "Would you do the honors, Rainbow King?"
  • Rainbow King: "Brilliant blue, I'd be happy to!"

  • Grizelda: "Eeee! Oh, my Frookie-Wookie-kins, you're safe! If you want to cling to anyone, make sure it's me, okay?"

  • Rainbow King: "This is bad, True! BAD! Not because it's you. I love you. But this is bad!"

  • Bartleby: "Brilliant idea, True! You really are a magical creature. I've always thought that."

  • True: "Bartleby! I thought you had enough of clinging today."
  • Bartleby: "Oh yeah, but that was before. This is now. Cat cuddles! Clingy check!"
  • True: "Um, Bee."
  • Bartleby: "Clingy check. Yep, I'm still good. But I'll always be stuck on you, True."
  • True: "Aww."

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