Zip Zap Zooooom!

Zip Zap Zooooom


  • True: "Why do you have a pumpkin racer?"
  • Rainbow King: "Once upon a moonbeam, my Rainbow Guard and I were a racing team! I still like to take it out for a spin, to feel the wind in my cape! Isn't that right, Rainbow Guard?"
  • Rainbow guard: "Mm-hmm!"

  • Rainbow King: "Racer number two: A Rainbow City bus!"
  • Rainbow City bus: "I'm a bus!"

  • Bartleby: "Was, um, that the only road out?"
  • Yetis + Rainbow guard: "Mm-hmm."
  • Rainbow City bus: "Then we're trapped, TRAAAPPPED!!! I've seen how this movie ends!"
  • Bartleby: "Huh, I was gonna be the one who panics there, but she is nailing it! Do we need a Wish now?"

  • True: "We have a big problem, Zee! A bunch of racers are stuck at the bottom of a canyon and the only path leading out is blocked!"
  • Bartleby: "By a boulder that went eeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuu-whomp!"

  • Bartleby: "I don't think this race can get anymore fun!"
  • True: "Are you sure? I was thinking you might want a turn driving."
  • Bartleby: (gasps) "You're the best, True!"
  • True: "I am! I really am."

  • Grizelda: "Are you sure this will work, True? Because I'm very delicate."
  • Bartleby: "Yeah, delicate! Like a Yeti's toenail delicate."

  • Rainbow Kingdom citizen: "This is still not my stop."
  • Rainbow City bus: "Just get out."

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